JARLLYTEC devotes a lot of R&D personnel and funds to develop hinges for notebook PC, LCD monitor, LCD TV, and 3C and communication products. Pursuing to the efficiency and quality of R&D, the company persists in the principle of doing well the work at the first time and engages in the development and design of hinges with all efforts.

Products Under Development

Hinges for NOTEBOOK
Hinges for LCD Monitor/LCD TV
Hinges for digital products
Hinges for mobile phones

Professional Services

Sticking to the principle of client foremost, JARLLYTEC provides services of the most professional technology, price and quality for achieving the win-win situation.

Emphasis On Patents and IPR

We deeply know that "innovation" is the power driving the growth of JARLLYTEC and "patents" are the life line of R&D. JARLLYTEC is firmly convinced that the products developed by our employees with clients all should be protected by patents and intellectual property rights.

Looking Forward To The Future

JARLLYTEC will invest numerous talents and validation equipment to improve the ability of R&D and design, and keep on the emphasis of quality and innovative development, aiming to provide high quality products and maximum benefits for our clients.

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